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  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer
  • GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer

GKCG1 High voltage circuit breaker analyzer

      with the development of society, the electricity security is required to be more by people, HVCB burdens the dual-control and protection in electric system, whose performance relates to the operation of electric system . mechanic parameter is one of indispensable parameter in analyzing the performance of breaker. 
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Product Features
(1) 7 inch color screen, operating under the sun is clearly visible. Menu operation, quick test interface, one-key operation, support Chinese and English input. The 12-channel fracture status is displayed in Chinese. The time, stroke, speed and waveform are displayed on the same screen. Analyze the average velocity of the specified segment and mark it on the stroke curve for easy viewing.
(2) Suitable for domestic and foreign production of all models of SF6 switch, GIS electrical combination, vacuum switch, oil switch. At the same time, 12 metal contact fracture, 6 main fracture and 6 auxiliary fracture can be measured. The data and waveform of time, bouncing number and time, speed, coil current and resistance, etc. are obtained when the circuit breaker operates once. It has the function of energy storage, automatic or manual low jump test function, circuit breaker life test function and train circuit breaker measurement function. Equipped with a high speed thermal printer, convenient for field printing test data.
(3) machine integrated operation power supply, no site secondary power, easy to use. Can provide DC20 ~ 270V adjustable power supply, current 20A. Short circuit protection function. In case of short circuit, 1ms will stop the voltage and current output and emit a beep to prompt the operator to check the circuit. Unique double circuit power supply design, such as closing or breaking control circuit in one damage, with the other can also be tested.
(4) equipped with linear sensor, 360 degrees without dead Angle rotation sensor, with special fixed multifunctional joint, installation is very convenient, simple. The length of the 30-1000mm linear sensor can be set arbitrarily. It only needs to be equipped with the sensor, and the instrument does not need to be returned to the factory to change the program.
(5) the host can store 100 groups of test data, real-time clock in the machine, easy to archive.
(6) equipped with U disk interface and R232 interface, you can directly save the data to the U disk, upload to the computer for analysis, save, print, R232 interface can be connected to the computer online operation.
(7) The internal anti-interference circuit can be used reliably in 500KV substation.
 1. Time measurement: 12 circuits fixed separating (closing) time
separating (closing) inner-phase with asynchronism
Range of internal trigger test: 0.01ms ~ 10s, resolution: 0.01ms,
External trigger test range: 0.01ms ~ 20s, resolution: 0.1ms,
2. velocity measurement : 2. velocity measurement :
Appointed time slot( stroke segment or angle segment) average velocity
3. velocity measurement range: 1mm sensor 0.01~25.00m/s
0.1mm sensor 0.001~2.50m/s
0.5°angle sensor 1 cycle/ 0.5°
 4. Travel measurement:
Travel of moving contact (travel)
Contact stroke (open distance)
Over travel
Overshoot or rebound stroke
5. Measuring range: linear sensor: 50mm, measuring range:
0-50mm, resolution :0.1mm.
Optional 100-1000mm linear sensor of any length.
Encoder: 360. Rotate sensor, measurement
range: 0-1000mm, resolution :0.25.
6.Current resistance range: the maximum current 30 A, resolution: 0.01 A, 1000 Ω resistance, resolution: 1 Ω.
7. Instrument power supply: AC 220V ± 10%; 50 hz plus or minus 2%
8. Dc power output: continuously adjustable DC20 ~ 270V, DC110V≤30A (short time), DC220V≤ 20A(short time). Power: 4400W.
9. External trigger voltage: AC/DC10-300V, current ≤120A
10. disconnecting switch measurement range
(1) Voltage output: DC20~270V(adjustable)
(2) Current output time: 0.01~10 s (settable)
(3) Fracture signal maximum acquisition time: 10s
(4) Measurable fracture closing, separation time, three-phase a synchronism , bounce time and frequency .
11. mainframe volume : 380×280×170mm
12. operating environment: -20℃~+50℃
13. relative humidity:  ≤80%

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