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  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter
  • LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter

LDWS-IV the intelligent Dew Point Meter

        Fast measurement speed: The instrument does not need to wait,measure immediately after starting up, and instantly measures the humidity value quickly.
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Product Features
1.Portable to carry and easy to use
2.low gas flow, consume 2L(101.2kPa) for one time measurement
3.Adapts imported self-locking joints to prevent leakage,It is safe and reliable and has no air leakage.
4.Can store up to 250 groups of testing results
5.LCD display to indicate dew point, PPM, temperature, humidity, date, battery etc
6.Built in 4Ah lithium rechargeable battery, one time use lasts for 10 hours under full charge

Measurement method
1.connect SF6 equipment
First of all, find the joint from the accessories of the instrument which suitable to the SF6 electrical equipment ,connects the end of the pipe to the attachment joint and the wrench, and then inserts the fast joint on the test tube into the sampling port on the instrument and connects the exhaust pipe to the air outlet. Finally, the joint and the SF6 electrical equipment are measured. The quantity interface is connected well, and the wrench is tightened.
2.Function Selection
Wait a few seconds after you turn on and enter the "function selection" interface, as shown in the following screen.
3.Check electricity
Select "data test" and enter the data test interface, as shown in the following screen. Please check the battery charge shown in the upper right corner. If the power consumption is less than 20%, please switch off and continue to use after charging.
4.Start to measurement
First, open the flow valve on the panel to regulate the flow rate, adjust the flow to about 0.5L/min, and start to measure the SF6 dew point. The first equipment takes 5~10 minutes to measure, and then each equipment takes 3~5 minutes.
5.Instore data
After measurement is completed, click the "equipment number" to change the number, click "save" and save the data in the instrument.
6.Modify time
Click the time display position to modify the system time.
7.check the historical data
At the "function selection" interface, select "data management" and enter the "data view" interface, as shown in the following picture. You can view the previous saved data at this interface.
After selecting the data, click delete, you can choose whether to delete all data.
8.Measure other equipment
Once an equipment is completed, turn off the flow control valve on this instrument. Remove the adaptor from the SF6 electrical equipment. If you need to continue measuring other equipment, continue to measure other equipment in accordance with the above steps.
9. Measurement over
After all equipments are measured, turn off the power supply of this instrument.

dew point Measurement range -80℃~+20℃(0.04ppm-23700ppm)
Response time
63% for 5 second,90% for 45 second
63% for 10 second,90% for 240 second(+20℃~-60℃)
Ambient temperature -10℃~+60℃
Environment Humidity 0~100% RH
Display unit 4.3’colour Touch screen
Electric quantity display Fullness ratio
Date display Year、Month、Day
Time display Hour、Minute、Second
Printer Function Micro needle thermosensitive printer
Power AC 220V
Built-in rechargeable battery
Battery performance Charge time: 4 hours; use time more than 10 hours.
Weight 5kg
Dimension 250×150×300mm
Work temperature -40℃~+60℃
Storage temperature -40℃~+80℃

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