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  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester
  • GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester

GKC-HB Circuit breaker Closing resistance tester

      It provides convenience for the dynamic analysis of various circuit breakers, and can accurately measure the mechanical dynamic characteristic parameters of high voltage circuit breakers of various voltage levels such as low oil, high oil, vacuum, and sulfur hexafluoride.
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Product Features
Notices in using instruments
1. Ensure wiring well before using instrument firstly, in order to confirm user & instrument’ s security.
2. Inspect whether the power voltage is AC 200V or not before using instrument firstly, otherwise it will damage the instrument.
3. Keep attention to safety on working instrument with internal DC220 V outlet.
4. Scrutinize the control wiring and strictly prohibit short out to avoid damaging the internal DC power or control contact, which is under circumstance of using the divide-shut brake of internal DC power control switch.
5. Confirm each part of fracture lines connecting well for fear that switch vibration influences test data.
6. Prohibit to open enclosure randomly while there has 220V voltage inside.
Instrument characteristics
(1). 8.4”LED panel, windows operation system, humanized operation interface, visualized interface, touch screen, all these are handy for use.
(2). High-speed thermal printer is used for printing test data on site.
(3). Interior integrated operational power supply , without needing on-site secondary power supply, is convenient and easy to use on site. It provides the range  adjustable power supply from DC20~265V with 20A of current. Randomly set the operation voltage values of breaking and closing coil, and conduct an low voltage operation test of breaker.
(4). Equip with liner sensors, rotation sensors, universal sensors and holders, and dedicated fixed multifunction connections, which could be easy to mount.
(5). It is fit for all types about SF switch, GIS composite apparatus, vacuum switch,  oil switch, produced in domestic or abroad. 
(6). Obtain overall data and graphs by one on-off action.
(7). Mainframe can store 6,000 groups of on-site test data (support external memory card),internal real time clock, easy to file.
(8). Equip with USB interface, which could save data directly in USB disk, and upload in computer to analyze and preserve.
(9). Simultaneously measure 12 circuits metal contact fractures, 6 circuits closing resisters. 
(10). Generate standard envelop curves through the test data of switch testing from several instruments (2~10), then conduct analyses and comparisons, and switch vibration frequency analyses as well.
(11). Internal anti-jamming circuit could meet 500KV inner reliable use in transformer substation.
term definition
(1). Three-phase synchronism: refers to the maximum & minimum differentials of on-off three-phase separation (closing) switch.
(2). Same phase asynchronies : refers to 6 fractures or more switches, the time difference of separating (closing) brake to same phase fracture 
(3). Bounce time: refers to the accumulative time values, which is the interval from first contacting to completely contacting, of all contacts while in progress of closing, separating (bounce) brake when switch’s moving & static contacts .
(4). Opening time: refers to the interval from separating brake dropping out with electrification to every polar arc contact separating, where the breaker is in closed position.
(5). Closing time: refers to the interval from closing circuit with electrification to every polar arc contact touching, where the breaker is in open position.
(6). Reclosing time: in the cyclic process of reclosing, it’s the interval from opening to each polar contacts closing together.
(7). Instant separating (closing) velocity: refers to within some appointed time of opening/ closing moving contact and static contact, or average velocity of a certain appointed stroke. Take 10ms for instance, to separating brake ,it’s average velocity to separate brake within 10ms after separating. To closing brake, it’s average velocity to close brake within 10ms before closing.
(8). Opening range: refers to the stroke of switch from divided state to instant touch of moving contact with static contact.
(9). The maximum velocity of opening (closing)switch: refers to the maximum instantaneous speed of opening (closing) switch, generally speaking, this value shall appear in this stroke or point, which is analyzed from velocity and stroke curve, while switch just opening or closing.
(10). Average velocity of opening (closing): refers to the ratio of stroke to time , where the switch moving contact exists in whole action.
Time measurement
12 circuits fixed separating (closing) time 
separating (closing) inner-phase with asynchronism 
separating (closing) interphase with asynchronism 
closing (separating) bounce time (bounce times) 
testing range: 0.01ms~200s, resolution:0.01ms
closing resister measurement
circuits fixed separating (closing) time
separating (closing) inner-phase with asynchronism
separating (closing) interphase with asynchronism
closing (separating) bounce time (bounce times)
closing resister time input
measurement range
30~10000Ω, resolution : 0.1Ω
velocity measurement
instant separating (instant closing) velocity 
Appointed time slot( stroke segment or angle segment) average velocity
velocity measurement range
1mm sensor 0.01~25.00m/s, 
0.1mm sensor 0.001~2.50m/s 
0.5°angle sensor 1 cycle/ 0.5°
stroke measurement
moving contact stroke (stroke) 
contact stroke (separation) 
overshoot stroke or retrace (over travel) 
liner senso :50mm,resolution: 0.1mm 
360 wire sensor : 360о,resolution:0.5о 
Matching sensor: 300mm, 1000mm, acceleration sensor, laser sensor.
maximum current output:20A
ACpower supply 
ACpower supply 
DC power supply
voltage output: 15~260V continuous adjustment, current output: ≤ 20A(short time )
disconnecting switch measurement range
(1). Voltage output: DC35~260V(adjustable) 
(2). Current output time: 0.01~20 s (settable) 
(3). Fracture signal maximum acquisition time: 200s 
(4). Measurable fracture closing, separation time, three-phase a synchronism , bounce time and frequency .
mainframe volume mainframe volume
operating environment
relative humidity
relative humidity

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Equipment packing list

Item  Description Unit QTY
1 Test the host pcs 1
2 External host packing pcs 1
3 Accessory kit pcs 1
4 Port  line pcs 2
5 Port connection line  pcs 2
6 Opening and closing line pcs 1
7 Energy storage test line pcs 1
8 Ground wire pcs 1
9 short circuit line pcs 1
10 10A power line pcs 1
11 50mm linear sensor pcs 1
12 360°Rotation Sensor pcs 1
13 Acceleration  sensor pcs 1
14 magnetic gauge seat  pcs 1
15 Tacho-generator connector pcs 1
16 Printing paper pcs 2
17 10A insurance pcs 2
18 The mouse pcs 1
19 Screwdriver pcs 1
20 Warranty card pcs 1
21 Certificate of approval pcs 1
22 Factory test report pcs 1
23 User manual  pcs 1



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