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  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester
  • LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester

LD-2001 Cable Fault Tester

       Smooth wire communication and power transmission depend on the normal operation of cable lines. Once the cable error happens, without timely detect and excluded, great economic losses and bad social influence will be caused . Thus, the cable fault tester is an important tool for maintaining the various cables. 
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Product Features
Main Characteristics
*Fully Featured
It can test faults safely, rapidly and accurately ; This Tester uses low-voltage pulse method and high-voltage pulse flash-over method to detect a variety of cable faults, especially for flash-over of cable, it can be used directly without burning through cables . If equipped acoustic tester, the exact location of the fault can be accurately measured;
*High precision
The instrument uses a high speed data sampling method ,The sampling rate of A/D can be 100MHz, which made the read resolution of this machine is 1 meter, and the blind spot detection scope is 1m.;
*High intelligence   
Test results are automatically displayed on the large LCD display with waveform and data; which made the fault spot easy to be detected. And it owns Chinese menu with operation functions, so you don't need the training of the operating personnel;
    ○ The waveform and data can be stored and tuned out;
    ○ waveform and data will still be stored even when it is turned off because of the function of the non-volatile devices.
    ○ it can show the dual trace; 
    ○ it can compare the fault waveform with normal waveform, which is conductive to further determine the fault; 
    ○ It can extended the proportional of the waveform;
    ○ If the waveform proportion changed, the accurate testing can be achieved ; 
    ○ The position of the double cursor can be changed as you like, it can show the direct distance or the relative distance of the fault point and the tested point ; 
    ○ It can modify the transmission speed with different tested-cable; 
    ○ The small size makes it portable and the built-in rechargeable battery makes it easy to carry and use.
Applications and Uses
This tester can test various types of power cables (voltage 1KV ~ 35KV) and telephone cable, FM communication cables, coaxial cables, and the short circuit on the metal overhead cables, grounding, high resistance leakage, high impedance fault flash-over ,cables disconnection, and poor contact fault; and it can also test the length of the cable and the waveform transmission velocity. 
The block diagram and the basic principles of the Tester
The basic principle
According to the principle of fault detection method the tester used , when the tester is triggered by the flash-over , the single transient waveform will come out , so that the tester should have the function of storing oscilloscope, capturing and displaying the single transient waveform. The instrument uses digital storage technology, taking advantage of high-speed A / D converter for sampling , and change the transient analog signal into digital signal, when the signal is stored in the high-speed memory, and processed with the CPU microprocessor, the signal can be transferred to the LCD display control circuit , and change into the timing lattice information, therefore the current sample waveform parameters can be showed on the LCD screen.
       When the tester is triggered by the pulse, the tester will sent out probe pulse with a certain cycle, and the pulse will be put into the tested-cable and input circuit, the A / D will start immediately, the sampling, storing, processing and displaying process is just like the same ; The LCD display should show the reflection waveform.
Farthest test distance:  15Km (open wire up to 100 km)
Detection blind area :  1m
Data-reading resolution:  1m
Power dissipation : 5VA
Conditions of Use
Ambient temperature 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ 
(Limit temperature -10 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃) 
Relative humidity 40 ℃ (20 ~ 90)% RH 
Atmospheric pressure (86~ 106) Kpa
Volume:  275 × 220 × 160mm3
Weight:  1.8kg

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