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In April 1999, Wuhan Longdian Power Experimental Equipment Manufacturing Factory was formally established. Longdian Power was one of the earliest manufacturers engaged in the R&D and production of high-voltage test products, mainly engaged in power metering and testing products, high-voltage testing and testing equipment, online monitoring systems for substations, and related products. R&D, design and production of software-based products


In February 2001, he successfully developed a high-voltage switch mechanical characteristic tester. In October of the same year, he participated in the technical competition and won the second place.


In August 2002, it passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification of China Quality Certification Center (SGS).


In 2004, participated in the formulation of "High-voltage switch comprehensive characteristic tester DL/T846.3-2004", "Power frequency high-voltage test device DL/T 848.2-2004", "Triple frequency test transformer device DL/T848.4-2004" industry standard. The National Development and Reform Commission promulgated on March 9, 2004, and implemented the "General Technical Requirements for High-Voltage Test Equipment" standard on June 1, 2004.


In March 2007, the organization was reorganized and officially changed its name to Wuhan Longdian Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd., and developed towards branding and diversification. In the same year, he became a member of Hubei Electric Power Measurement and Testing Association.


In June 2008, ZGF series DC high voltage generators, after nearly two years of research and development, were officially put into the market. In December of the same year, Wuhan Longdian Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was awarded AAA credit rating by Wuhan Changjiang Credit Rating Co., Ltd.


In June 2009, there were several cable fault points in Tianjin that had been unable to be eliminated by multiple cable fault manufacturers for many years, which seriously affected the power supply of this area. After being notified, our company organized technical personnel to use the secondary pulse cable fault test method to solve all the fault points in a complex environment, which won the praise of Tianjin Electric Power Department and established a long-term cooperative relationship.


In January 2010, according to market demand, our company developed a comprehensive characteristic tester for high-voltage switches with closing resistance contacts and Siemens graphite contacts. The product was upgraded from the original single-chip microcomputer to an industrial computer.


In May 2011, cooperated with Qingdao Terad to develop the intelligent permanent magnet circuit breaker controller, which replaced the German imported controller.


In 2012, according to market demand, the high-voltage switch comprehensive characteristic tester was further upgraded, adding a double-ended grounding test function. Become the most comprehensive, advanced and professional circuit breaker testing instrument at present. Products have been exported to Egypt, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Australia, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia and other countries and regions, successfully entering the international market.


In April 2013, Longdian Electric Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of "Contract-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise" by Wuhan Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce and Wuhan Contract Credit Promotion Association in 2012. Our company will continue to make persistent efforts. While the scale of production is rapidly expanding, it will continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture, and strive to form a corporate culture with integrity, humility, teamwork, pioneering, and innovation as its essence.


In August 2014, the 712 Institute was provided with a high-voltage switch comprehensive tester for measuring the high speed of closing and opening of special circuit breakers. Previously, several well-known domestic companies and import instrument manufacturers specializing in the production of switch testers have participated in this project, but they have failed to meet customer needs.


Looking forward to the future in 2015, Longdian Electric will continue to strengthen its product advantages, consolidate its technical foundation, and enhance its comprehensive strength based on "honesty" and "trust" as its foundation, and become a power testing instrument and high-voltage tester.


2017 Longdian's new e-commerce platform is officially launched!

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