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Jianhu power supply makes youth shine in the sword
Release time:2021-05-31
      "The young people of the electric power industry must uphold the spirit of "I will have no self and live up to the people", and strive unremittingly to realize the great Chinese dream!" This is a sentence that the team leader Wu Yan often said with class members.

       In the corner of the team’s office environment, the photos of the members of the "New Era, New Ideas and New Youth Study Group" are displayed. Members are actively exploring the new power, new carrier and new mechanism of the "Party Building + League Building" work in the team’s party building conference room. A variety of new learning activities such as "Interactive Learning History", "New Youth Debate" and "Party Class Everyone's Comment" have been carried out, and they have continued to strengthen their beliefs in theoretical study, increase their talents in practice, and integrate the development of enterprises and society with their own Perfect combination, accumulation and development, to achieve a win-win situation.
   In order to carry out work more effectively, the team also carried out management system and work standard improvement activities in 2020. The entire chapter of the organization system implements responsibilities, manages people with systems and processes; consults the maintenance and construction records of the past five years, formulates the "Dangerous Point Analysis Manual", clarifies the maintenance points, operation points, inspection points and precautions of various equipment; implements safety Closed-loop management of sexual evaluation and closed-loop management of equipment defects, taking lightning protection and peak weather prevention and summer inspection as the top priority of equipment management, effectively strengthening equipment inspection, maintenance and tracking analysis, improving equipment health, and striving to reduce power outages. No power outages.
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