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Introduction of Transformer Comprehensive Tester "Experienc
Release time:2021-05-31
        The transformer tester (also called the comprehensive transformer tester) produced by Wuhan Longdian Electric, then I will share some related introduction parts of the comprehensive transformer tester and the features of the instrument.
transformer tester
         The transformer comprehensive tester is a fully automatic PT, CT characteristic test instrument, easy to operate, fully computerized device, built-in imported high-performance CPU, high reliability, after setting the test value according to the interface prompts, no manual labor is required Contact with the equipment under test, the instrument automatically completes the test, keeps the test personnel away from the high-voltage circuit, and ensures personal safety. The instrument has the following characteristics:
         1. After the test is completed, the volt-ampere characteristic curve can be displayed directly, the graph is clear, beautiful, and easy to analyze. It has a micro-printer that can draw the curve at any time;
         2. The instrument test mouse is used as an input device, the operation method is simple, and the service life is long;
         3. The instrument comes with RS232 communication interface, which can be connected to the computer through the serial port to realize the communication between the computer and the instrument. The instrument comes with a PC application program that is powerful, beautiful in appearance, and simple to operate. It can realize the test results and export the test data to a format file for editing .
         As one of the commonly used instruments, the power industry is also a "sunrise industry". As long as your professional technical ability is relatively strong and the instrument can provide customers with high-quality services, it must be very popular. Therefore, we recognize the instrument in the early stage. Knowledge is also very important. Today is what the editor will explain to you. If you want to know more about the instrument, you can follow us. The editor will give you a detailed introduction later, thank you.
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