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Shaanxi Power Transmission and Transformation Promotion Proj
Release time:2021-05-24

      The comprehensive renovation project of the 330kV Zhangcun substation is located in Zhangcun, Shangzhou. The power outage began on April 14. The project is a medium-sized overhaul project focusing on primary equipment, which is divided into three phases for renovation and construction.
       The project is an important part of the 330 kV ring network project of Shaanxi Power Grid, and is also the main power source support of Shangluo Power Grid. It mainly supplies power to Luonan, Danfeng and Shangzhou Central and Eastern Power Grids, and uses mineral processing, smelting, building materials, Southwest Railway traction, The electricity load of citizens' daily life is mainly. Due to the relatively heavy load of the power grid, according to the actual operation of the substation equipment, the original 330kV isolating switch, 110kV isolating switch, and circuit breaker can no longer meet the safety requirements. All of them will be replaced in this phase of the power distribution equipment renovation project. , Which greatly improves the reliable power supply in Shangluo area.
   This project is currently the largest transformation project in the major repair and technical transformation projects in charge of power transmission and transformation in Shaanxi. Due to the short power outage time and heavy transformation tasks, all the construction staff of the project department accepted safety technology for clarification before construction, and performed the first-stage power outage transformation equipment before the power outage operation. During the construction process, He Zhao, the person in charge of the site, strengthened the supervision of the site, and the professionals gave full command, and the personnel and cranes were kept at a safe distance from the live equipment. As the related problems in the design also seriously affected the construction progress, the test team members did not wait to work on the side while changing the drawings, and solved intractable diseases in time to ensure the normal progress of the construction. All the construction staff consciously gave up their rest time, stuck to their posts 24 hours a day, worked efficiently with the "white + black" "5+2" attack, and fully overcome the adverse factors such as weather factors, technical difficulties, and time constraints, with original intention and patience , Perseverance and sense of responsibility gave a satisfactory answer to this renovation project.

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