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Strong quality, dare to fight and fight, create high-quality
Release time:2021-05-31
     The thermal engine professional company of the three companies affiliated to National Energy Construction Northwest Power Construction united and led the staff to unite their efforts, adhere to the goal of anti-epidemic prevention and control, focus on resumption of work and production, and continue to promote various production operations based on safety Activities, market development, and excellent completion of various safety production indicators and operating indicators. The company's development quality and management level have also been significantly improved, making outstanding contributions to promoting the transformation and upgrading of Northwest Power Construction's third company and achieving high-quality development goals.


      Throughout the year, the internal projects successively completed the dismantling tasks of two steam turbines of the Hunan Changde Demolition Project, ensuring the organization of Xinjiang project personnel and the full deployment of all working faces during the epidemic; the steel frame to the top, steam drum hoisting, and steam drum lifting of the Yulin Power Station project were completed on schedule. Boiler water pressure and other nodes; successfully completed the 72+24 hour trial operation of the two units of the Yulin Green Energy New Energy Project; ensured that the steam turbine bedplates of the three projects in Jiedong, Hebei, Feixiang, Handan, and Cixian, Handan, were started on schedule At the same time, at the request of the Northwest Power Construction Third Company, the professional company actively organizes management personnel and labor to support the Shaanxi Pubai project and the project performance of the power transmission and transformation, new energy, and environmental protection engineering companies.
       While maintaining stability, it fully mobilized everyone's work enthusiasm and production enthusiasm. Actively promote positive energy, continuously increase the intensity of publicity and reporting, vigorously promote the new achievements and new aspects of the reform and development of the thermal engine professional company, and show the characteristic culture of the thermal engine professional company from different perspectives.
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