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The new development path of electric power, how to grow scie
Release time:2021-04-27
In the context of the integration of the energy revolution and the digital revolution, the new infrastructure based on the three major networks of information network, transportation network and energy network is destined to become a strategic transformation and high-quality "promoter" for the development of power companies. It has become the consensus of the industry to vigorously strengthen the construction of new infrastructure and promote the development of the industry and the transformation of kinetic energy.
For example, the State Grid Corporation of China has released ten major tasks for the "new digital infrastructure", and the digital transformation of China Southern Power Grid is also accelerating. Construction companies and other power construction companies have also stepped up the construction of infrastructure projects, and some innovative and vigorous private enterprises have also participated in the construction of power infrastructure projects in various forms.
Driven by the ten main tasks of the "Digital New Infrastructure", State Grid focuses on information infrastructure, integrated infrastructure and innovative infrastructure. Up to now, it has expanded to 1,200 Beidou foundations covering all operating areas of the State Grid Corporation of 27 provinces. The design of the station has been completed, 586 stations have been built, and various Beidou electrical business applications have been developed relying on the base station.
At the same time, UHV construction will accelerate in 2020. Not only has the State Grid accelerated the approval, start-up and construction of 14 UHV projects, China Southern Grid is also stepping up the construction of UHV flexible DC projects from Wudong, Germany to Guangxi. Guangdong's direct investment was 196.5 billion yuan. High-pressure construction must not only be improved and upgraded to make up for shortcomings, advantages and disadvantages, and build strengths, but also establish and integrate a new digital infrastructure.
However, the main problem and development direction of the current grid is still the "double high" grid, that is, the proportion of clean energy is very high, and the proportion of power electronic equipment is very high. "Double-high" power grids undoubtedly need two main technologies as support, one is flexible AC and DC transmission technology, and the other is energy storage technology. In order to connect various distributed energy sources to the grid, the grid needs to be more friendly and flexible, and without energy storage technology, no one can use clean energy on a large scale.
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